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Sherpa® Improves Safety for Pets Traveling in Vehicles


Sherpa Safety Suite

Safety-tested Sherpa® Safety Suite adds six security points for car travel

Whippany, NJ (June 20, 2014)– After testing and studying the physics of vehicle accidents, Sherpa® is excited to launch an improved safety system for pets traveling in vehicles. Using safety guidelines developed for infant car seats, the new Sherpa Safety Suite® attaches to a vehicle's standard in-seat latch to keep pets and carriers securely in place while traveling inside the car.

Clipped in place, the Safety Suite™ offers five additional points of security through a system of adjustable straps that help ensure the stability of all sides of the carrier. Sturdy nylon straps secure the entire carrier over the top, while a generously sized solid forward lip prevents tipping forward. In addition to a non-skid base,the Safety Suite™ also features two side straps to help steady lateral movement.

“With an increasing number of pet parents taking their furry travel companions on the open road, vehicle safety has become an important topic,” said Cristen Underwood, Marketing Director at Quaker Pet Group’s Sherpa®. “Our Safety Suite™ gives pet parents peace of mind that their beloved pets are as safe as possible, whether traveling to the vet or across the country.”

The pet safety system is compatible with any brand of soft-sided pet carrier, and has undergone safety testing.


Company Name: Sherpa®
Product Name: Safety Suite™
Launch Date: Q3 2013 / Available Aug 2014
Company Phone Number: 973.625.5900
Company Address: 2601 Blake Street, Suite 200, Denver, CO 80205
Media/PR Contact Names:
                  Erin Terjesen / / 602.625.2871
                  Ashley Torresala  / / 602.999.0820
Product Sizes or Dimensions: One size


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